The district of Thana in the state of Maharastra has several worth seeing ancient temples and have been luring theists for over centuries now. This Ganesh shrine along with Vithoba temple are, great centres of pilgrimage, and devout Maharastrians pay periodical visits to these shrines, at least twice a year to offering ritualistic worship on auspicious days. The Maha Ganesh temple is quite ancient and built in the superb architectural style, characteristic of the Maharastra. The image of the Maha Ganesh to justify its name is unusually big and sculptured with great craftsmanship. The icon with its fine polish and imposing size installed on a high pedestal and decorated with profuse garlands casts a spell and bends the heads of the adorers at once.

Known for abundant compassion for genuine: adorers, he is luring a steady stream of bhaktas round the year. The tourists realising the hoary antiquity of the shrine are paying visits, and are elevated by Darshan and worship. Nithyanaimithika worship is offered with unprecedented devotional fervor.

It lies 75 km off Bombay and accessible by bus from several nearby towns.

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